The organisation of COCOCAN is network-based and comprises a group of independent experts in the field of architecture & building technology, urban & landscape design, ecology & water management and urban management & financing. COCOCAN works in close collaboration with communities, companies, knowledge institutes, experts and governments to solve urgent urban challenges.

Mo Smit founded COCOCAN in 2013 while she initiated the Home at Work research project. Before COCOCAN, Mo worked for more than 12 years as a project architect (De Architekten Cie, Hootsmans Architectuurbureau and the Central Government Real Estate Agency). She has extensive experience in Public Private Partnership projects, which are designed from the outset in cross-functional teams. Mo is a researcher and graduation tutor at the Department Architectural Engineering + Technology at Delft University of Technology.

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VAT number: NL.195.091.498.B01