Fashion Village Lab

Around the world, communities where fashion is produced suffer from the damage and pollution caused by industrialization. Workers who depend on garment and textile factories for employment can’t afford a decent home. At the same time factories pollute water sources and ecosystems that local communities depend […]

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Green Neighbourhood Table

COCOCAN has been invited by the municipality of Amsterdam to make a re-design of the existing community center at the J.J. Cremerplein in Amsterdam Oud-West. COCOCAN developed the concept of the community center as a Neighbourhood Table.

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Home at Work

Home at Work is a practice-based design research that led to the development of cooperative strategies and circular design solutions to transform unplanned and polluted industrial kampungs (villages) into healthy and thriving live-work environments. The research focused on a case-study in Bandung related to the […]

Laleli Lofts

COCOCAN has assisted Studio LS in the re-design of a prominent building block in Oud-Charlois, a neighbourhood in the south of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The renovated corner building accommodates lofty live/work spaces for artists and is restored to its former glory. Client: Woonstad Rotterdam In […]

Badel Market Park

The Zagreb Society of Architects (DAZ) hosted an open competition for the re-development of the Badel site, which was home to a liquor factory in the past. For this site we developed an urban framework that enables gradual growth of the building block. The block […]

Mount It

Future Proofing Schools was a research project funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and focussed on the design of relocatable buildings for Australian schools. We designed a modular system, MOUNT IT. A pyramid-like head structure of stairs serves as the base of a ‘mountain’. Specific volumes […]

City of Optimism

City of Optimism was our submission for Europan 11. The competition theme was: ‘Resonance between territories and ways of life – what architectures for sustainable cities?’ We created a design for incremental urban development in Amsterdam South East (The Netherlands). Our proposal talked about connections: 1) Literal programmatic connections: […]


Design of housing on top of the Bischoff Building at the market in Hengelo (The Netherlands). The energy-efficient homes are located within an overarching greenhouse structure. The greenhouse provides apartments and offers a public city garden. Competition: The Top of Bischoff Award: second place Submitter: […]

Garden Lofthouse

FreeGreen hosted an open competition to encourage conceptual home designs that meet sustainable and prefabricated standards called Who’s Next? COCOCAN designed the Garden Lofthouse: an affordable green home with an indoor garden for a young family in an American suburb. Competition: FreeGreen Who’s Next? (United States) Submitter: COCOCAN


Design of a community school and a multifunctional accommodation (MFA) in Rotterdam South (The Netherlands). The design concerned multiple use of space, collective use of the playground and the creation of a visually appealing neighbourhood. Competition: Breed, breder, breedst Submitter: Hootsmans architectuurbureau. Architects: Mo Smit (COCOCAN), […]


Design for transformation of metro station Wibautstraat in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) into a media experience for news and documentaries. Graduation project: Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture Graduate: Mo Smit